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The FORTUNE COOKIE August 5, 2013

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Years ago, actually, right after I kicked my husband to the curb, I was at one of those bargain basement type stores and found the cutest little gifts. I picked up quite a few of them with the intention of hanging on to them until I had need of a white elephant gift or some similar type goodie. However, one of the ones I picked up was, somewhat unconsciously, for me. It was a “Love Fortune Cookie.” It was this silver, hinged fortune cookie that was shaped like a heart and had a little 88 page book of individual fortunes you could tear out and store in the cookie to surprise or share with a lover. It was intended as a romantic keepsake.

It reminded me of a game I once played with the only man, that at that point in time, I could honestly say I had truly been in love with, and that thought left me with a smile. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t trying to reconnect with that guy. He was dead and gone, as was the love we had. I was hoping to one day reconnect with the feeling of being that much in love (which coincidentally came with being THAT MUCH infuriated with him.)

I was dating a guy at the time of this purchase and just never felt compelled to share it with him, or the next guy, or the next guy, or the next guy. It sat in a drawer I rarely accessed and when I would run across it I would smile but I left it in that drawer. Today, I was cleaning my office; a task that was much overdue. I ran across that little box again and I stopped and thought about it. I’ve been dating someone the past 2.5 years. I very much love him, but I don’t see myself sharing this with him either.

Every little girl grows up with that notion that one day she is going to marry “Mr. Wonderful.” She wants to marry some man that loves her more than life itself and she wants to love him with that same level of intensity…and it almost never works out that way. Out of my gazillion friends, I can probably only think of 4 couples who are genuinely married to their soul mate. I’m sure there are more but none come to mind at the moment, which, that in itself speaks volumes.

More of my friends are married to people whom they love, are complacent with, lust after…but aren’t “taken” with. By this I mean someone you love so much that you don’t mind the sacrifices you have to make. You don’t marry a person just because they’d make a great life partner. You marry them because you cannot imagine one day without them. Those are the people that you can be vulnerable enough with to share a cheesy silver, hinged fortune cookie. But sometimes…those life partners, well they’re just as good.


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