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Sneak Attack from Your Menstrual Cycle July 27, 2012

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You know what I mean. You go tinkle and bam…Aunt Flo announces her much earlier than planned visit. Then the whole world makes more sense, or at least the past week and a half does anyway. That explains why you almost bit the head off a small child for asking a typical small child question. That explains why you wanted to punch your computer. That explains why you have craved a Coke and chocolate like a crack whore fiends crack. That explains why you were on the verge of dropping your darling significant other for acting like an inconsiderate baboon. That’s that moment when you realize…I wish I could have had sex last night instead of going to sleep.

Welcome to my Blog. For years friends have been telling me I should write a book…although those friends were usually seeing my angelic side and not the one you just got a glimpse of. I wanted some place to be real. You know what I mean. I can’t be ME on Facebook because what will the church people think? If people really knew some of the off-the-wall things that I think they’d know the real me. They’d judge. Let’s be real…that’s what people do. You can’t love Jesus and drink a glass of wine with dinner. You can’t love Jesus and call someone a stupid bit**; or can you?

Here I can say whatever I want. I can mix the sweet, heartfelt goodness in my soul with the grouchy, wanna slap a punk and tell them to “pick up their shorts because they look like an idiot” bits.

Thanks for having me,